Employer Plans

Employers for the first time in India, now get 'Free Job suitability Test' to recruit the perfect Candidate along with Job Postings.

  • Test the Candidate's suitability of his Aptitude, Personality and Interest  matching the Job Title.

  • Post Jobs and Massmail from Job Portal to get Candidates.


Rs 0

Post upto 1 Jobs
Jobs visible for 5 days
Download Resume of 0 Users
Send 0 Emails


Rs 4000

Post upto 10 Jobs
Jobs visible for 45 days
Download Resume of 350 Users
Send 50000 Emails


Rs 9000

Post upto 25 Jobs
Jobs visible for 60 days
Download Resume of 2250 Users
Send 100000 Emails


Rs 15000

Post upto 50 Jobs
Jobs visible for 90 days
Download Resume of 3750 Users
Send 200000 Emails